NMSDC and the Power of Transformation

Joset Wright-Lacy presents the NMSDC Strategic Plan

This is an exciting time for the National Minority Supplier Development Council, Inc. and our network of affiliate regional councils that stretches from Maine to Miami, San Diego to Seattle and points in between. The national office is in the second year of an ambitious five-year strategic plan launched in January 2012 that is reshaping our unique network.

Working in partnership with Accenture—one of our 476 national corporate members—we engaged stakeholders from across the organi- zation: minority business enterprises, corporate members, and staff at NMSDC’s national office and regional council affiliates. Through open dialogue about our future, we assessed what we do well, how we might improve our operations, and how best to meet the existing and emerging needs of our 13,000 certified Asian, Black, Hispanic and Native American suppliers and 1,700 corporate members to remain the leader in minority supplier development.

The plan included six focus areas: board engagement, business process standardization, network governance, performance management, targeted services and expanded offerings, and technology modernization. Working groups comprised of NMSDC corporate members, certified MBEs and affiliate council presidents developed recommendations for each focus area. Our board’s executive committee reviewed and approved those recommendations. Similarly comprised teams were formed to develop an implementation plan for the recommendations.

As we approach the halfway mark in the strategic plan, we are pleased to share our progress toward creating a more streamlined, efficient organization. Here are the achievements to date:

Mission, Vision, Core Capabilities

Early in the process, we defined our mission, vision and core capabilities. Our mission is to advance business opportunities for certified MBEs and connect them to corporate members — the same mission under which the organization was chartered 41 years ago. Our vision is to be the leader in advancing minority suppliers to help corporations meet their global supply chain needs. We will achieve this vision through demonstrated excellence in four core capabilities:

• Certify — certification continues to be at the core of what we do—ensuring that minority businesses are bona fide. More than four decades later, our comprehensive process maintains its reputation in corporate America as the “gold standard” in certification.
• Develop — we continue to develop not only our certified MBEs to promote business growth, but also our corporate members and NMSDC network staff, through new delivery channels and expanded learning offerings.
• Connect — NMSDC connects corporate members with certified MBEs that meet their complex needs through dozens of programs and events held year-round throughout the NMSDC network.
• Advocate — leveraging our global presence, NMSDC promotes the value and innovation that minority suppliers provide to corporate supply chains through print, electronic and digital media outlets, Web sites and social media channels.

Strategic Network Restructuring

Work is ongoing in each of the focus areas; however, network governance took priority because of its interdependence with the other five areas. The primary recommendation was to strategically re- structure the network to create equivalent council areas that were empowered and better resourced to serve NMSDC’s constituents. Accenture evaluated and presented macro-economic data, including the number of minority employers; geographic disbursement of MBEs and corporations; percentage of growth in the U.S. Gross Domestic Product; percentage of the area’s contribution to the U.S. GDP; and market penetration to determine the best areas of the country to maximize corporate and MBE participation in the NMSDC Network.

Using that information, affiliate regional council presidents, their board chairpersons, corporate members and MBEs in attendance at the January 2013 NMSDC Quarterly Leadership Meeting worked collaboratively to create a new affiliate map with 24 council areas.

Since then, the 11 affiliates directly impacted by the strategic restructuring have been working together—with guidance from NMSDC and a project management consultant—to deter- mine the new consolidated entity, its leadership and staffing. The new network will be unveiled in January 2014.

Supporting the New Network

In order to support this new network and position it for maximum success, we developed a new funding model. It provides more balanced funding from the national office to the affiliates, and will be supported by a 10 percent increase in national corporate member dues beginning in January 2014. As the strategic restructuring nears its completion, we are reviewing the current roster of NMSDC programs and services to determine the need for changes in the delivery method. A similar process will be used as we develop new programs and services for our stakeholders.

Our Technology Modernization team is hard at work on improvements and enhancements that will create a true enterprise network to support our strategically restructured network. A replacement for our proprietary database of certified MBEs is near completion, and a database matching service for corporate members launched this past summer. The fee-based service compares a corporate member’s minority supplier database to NMSDC’s database to insure the authenticity of a supplier’s minority status.


The strategic restructuring offers benefits for all of our stakeholders.

Corporate Members
• Elimination of Service Points
• Standardized platform for delivery of services
• More solutions to connect with the right MBE for your business
• New learning opportunities
• Enhanced database capabilities

Local Members
• More opportunities for MBEs
• More equitable rate structure

• MBE connection
• National certification for MBEs
• Regional Council subscription service
• No reciprocals

• More standardized programs/ services
• More revenue incentive to recruit/ retain local members
• Enhanced technology solutions (online certification funding)
• Elimination of Service Points
• Councils access to enhanced database
• Technology solutions
• More equitable rate structure

National Office
• Better relationship with council network
• Ability to maintain performance standards
• More connection with network stakeholders
• Enhanced brand value due to better service delivery and achievement
of goals

Branding Campaign

To tie these efforts together, we launched a branding campaign in early September. Working with an NMSDC- certified MBE, we held a two-day brand discovery workshop with select national office staff, corporate members, affiliate regional council presidents and MBEs to develop a plan to recharge and rejuvenate our brand. Moving forward, our outward appearance must align with the incredible evolution that is taking place throughout the organization. While the look and feel of NMSDC is transforming, our mission remains the same: to advance business opportunities for minority suppliers in the global corporate supply chain.

Together with our corporate members, certified suppliers and affiliate regional council presidents, we are moving NMSDC in a new direction. Learn more about the NMSDC strategic plan at strategicplan2012.nmsdc.org and share in our excitement.

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